Birthday Number - 9th - Deliberation

Character, possibilities
These people are very sensitive and reliable. They will tell the truth only after they think about it carefully. They have the ability to accept themselves for who they are. They want to be a rescuer.
They are friendly and serious. They search for the deeper meaning of life. They are ambitious, creative, powerful, open, honest, independent and fearless. They are able to face very difficult situations. They work very hard. They are responsible and they like honour and glory. They use a lot of energy in order to gain admiration and sympathy. They have organizational abilities. They are always very active in order to achieve their goal. They are spiritual and forgiving. They like learning and experiencing new things. In a way, they are perfectionists. They search for a partner with similar interests.
They are humble or shy. They do not procrastinate and they deal with problems immediately, because they believe that fast and radical solutions are the best. They are picky and they have a tendency to be extravagant. They take everything too seriously and they worry too much.

Weaknesses, what should be learned
These people are afraid of everything. It is difficult to get along with them because they are irritable and easy to provoke. They find it difficult to control themselves. They are impulsive, aggressive and sometimes even cruel. They take unnecessary risks. They create conflicts in their marriage. They have a negative attitude towards their co-workers, friends and partners. They are arrogant and they get angry easily. Beware of inner anxiety, drugs, false pride and hypocrisy. They are intolerant and narrow-minded. They condemn others and they look for their flaws. They may be snobs and they may have hurtful comments.
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