Birthday Number - 1st - Independence

Character, possibilities
These people are independent and capable of deep love. They are able to make their own decisions. They are forgiving, respectable, accurate and honest. They are straightforward and can express themselves clearly. They like modern things and they introduce them with flexibility. They can think creatively and they use creativity to promote their objectives and to search for new possibilities. They are positive and smart.
These people are self-confident, goal-directed, dynamic and inventive. They like to rely on themselves. They are hardworking and full of energy. They usually climb up the career ladder quickly. They are kind and they are good colleagues. They like to help others. They like travelling. They love life. They are able to appreciate beauty. They are aware of themselves. They have a strong spirit and great leadership skills. They have the ability to predict the future. They cling to their opinions. They do not like untidiness, laziness, negligence, false pride, empty promises and flattery. They like freedom and it is hard for them to tolerate the dominance of others. Sometimes they like being alone for short or longer periods of time.

Weaknesses, what should be learned
These people are stubborn. They are hard to get along with because they think they are the centre of the universe. They can be very dependent on other people; low self-confidence. They can get angry easily, be short-tempered and have difficulty communicating with others - these characteristics can get them into unpleasant situations. They are selfish and lonely. They only see themselves and talk about themselves. They are jealous and bossy. It is hard for them to accept when a friendship has ended. When they fail to achieve what they want, they become sad, pessimistic, angry and depressed. They cannot take criticism but they like to criticise others. They are easily influenced and they influence others. They rush into decisions and they take risks. They are too proud. They buy things they cannot afford.
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