Birthday Number - 8th - Balance

Character, possibilities
These people are full of energy. They have leadership inclinations. They are intelligent, quick-witted and enterprising. They have good imagination. They are hardworking and determined.
They are patient, quick, honest, and serious. They have a strong will. They are willing to overcome a number of obstacles if they want to achieve their goal and they take every job seriously. Success, rewards, money, and social status play important roles in their lives. They are confident and efficient. They strive for material wealth.
They will always have to balance their strength, energy and power with wealth and sentiment, glory, love and intelligence. They are adaptable. They do not forget unfair treatment.

Weaknesses, what should be learned
These people are obstinate and stubborn in dealing with difficult situations and fighting enemies. Beware of greed, power, abuse of position and money. They are selfish and they have no understanding for others. They like to criticize and deceive others. They engage in various affairs and they are revengeful. They are boastful. They want to get privileges for themselves at the expense of others. They are manipulative and they do not play "fair". They are gloomy and they lack a sense of humour. They are intolerant. They may destroy everything around them when they get angry. Beware of passivity, alcohol and drugs. They are troubled by bad memories and sad past. They engage in various love adventures and love affairs. They spread rumours. They are aggressive, bossy, stubborn, strong-willed and they tend to terrorise others. It's a strong karmic number, so these people will get exactly what they deserve – multiple times.
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