Birthday Number - 31st - Motivation

Character, possibilities
These people are very bright. They are descreet and willing to do everything to achieve success. They like company and spending time with intelligent people. Communication is important.
They are straightforward, honest, generous, gentle, faithful and considerate. They do a lot for their family. They are courageous and they have leadership abilities. They are friendly and social and they love social events. It is important for them to do different activities.

Weaknesses, what should be learned
These people usually stay in the opposition. They need security. Sometimes they do not finish what they have started and they abandon their goals. Sometimes they think others must work the same way they do. They are shallow and irresponsible. They have the ability to lie and cheat. They may have fraudulent intentions. They are spiteful, bossy and they like to mock others. They are closed. They may use people who are not able to defend themselves. There may be sudden and unexpected changes. There may be misunderstandings and loneliness. They may become shy and antisocial. Beware of feeling superior or exceptional.
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