Birthday Number - 11th - Sensitivity

Character, possibilities
These people are sensitive and intuitive. They are interested in the spiritual path. They are a charismatic person. They like other people. They are a daydreamer. They are diplomatic.
They have revolutionary thinking and authoritative behaviour. They have healing abilities. They are perfectionists. They like taking collective decisions.
They don't like sharing their feelings. They do not hurt others knowingly. It is important to maintain a balance between giving and receiving. Harmony is needed primarily at home. They need to rest every day. They rub their hands or bite their nails.

Weaknesses, what should be learned
These people are stubborn, nasty, vulnerable and irritable. Misunderstandings may occur. They often get into a state of uncertainty. Sometimes they are dependent on others. Beware of anger and emotional outbursts. They are stubborn and selfish. They may be shallow and they may try to manipulate or confront others.
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