Birthday Number - 14th - Determination

Character, possibilities
These people live their life the way they like. They need a safe home environment and a good job. They work hard and can make money. They are good at doing business and at trading. They are considerate, attentive and reliable.
They are very active and they start big projects. They are good-natured, wise and they react quickly. An important change is the change that brings new ideas into action. They may have a musical talent and sometimes they are spiritual and religious. They are ambitious, persistent and full of ideas. They are independent, responsible, attractive and adaptable. They think quickly and often they also speak quickly. They want to make the most out of opportunities. Sometimes they like communicating with symbols or numbers.
They do not like when other people give them advice. They like to keep their old habits even if they are not useful anymore. They should avoid laziness. Sometimes they try to avoid problems. They are dreaming of material wealth.

Weaknesses, what should be learned
These people are quick-tempered and impulsive. It is hard for them to forget wrongdoings. When problems occur, they want to make changes immediately. Sometimes they may become dictators. Sometimes they underestimate situations, plan incorrectly and make wrong assumptions. They should select their friends carefully. They are nervous. They discard good opportunities. They make up stories and create problems for themselves as well as for others. Beware of alcohol and drugs. They are hot-headed.
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