Birthday Number - 29th - Chaos

Character, possibilities
These people are sensitive and perceptive. They have a great potential for extra-sensory perception. They have the ability to find truth and wisdom. They have excellent thinking processes. Spiritual activity is very important.
These people become wealthy and financially secure. They are hardworking, persistent and inventive. They have lot of ideas and a strong intuition. They are open and they have good logical reasoning. They make friends easily and they are attractive. They are clever and communicative. They often inspire and encourage other people to be creative.

Weaknesses, what should be learned
These people should avoid boredom. Their romantic relationships are unclear. They find it hard to talk about their feelings. They have high expectations of other people. They are vulnerable. Dangerous misunderstandings may occur. They rather try to dull their feelings with alcohol and drugs than look for solutions. They are closed and secretive. Sometimes they are eccentric. Instability causes marriage problems. They may be insecure and lonely. They are irritable, hot-tempered, cunning and meticulous. Beware of quarrels, emotional outbursts and disappointments. They may be hasty and deal with others in an uncaring way. They are afraid of losing their material values.
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