Birthday Number - 27th - Dutifulness

Character, possibilities
These people are sensitive, emotional and intuitive. They are honest, pragmatic and conservative. They are not subject to new trends. They avoid shallow relationships. Romantic relationship is very important for them. They are enterprising.
They are able to enforce their plans and ideas. They are devoted to their family. They may get rich. They try to get information about life and they look for the meaning of life. They feel good when they are in the nature. They like helping other people. Their home plays an important role. They are clever and quick-witted. They make decisions after careful consideration.

Weaknesses, what should be learned
These people deeply experience disappointment. They react sensitively to various situations. They often succumb to illusions. They take everything very seriously. They are naive. They punish themselves. They think that they are useless. They tend to be self-destructive. Beware of addiction to drugs and alcohol. Beware of nervous breakdowns, anxiety and suicide attempts. They are often bossy. They are indecisive, moody, vulnerable and closed. They tend to criticize others.
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