Birthday Number - 18th - Responsibility

Character, possibilities
These people are strong and capable. They are ruminative and intelligent. They are caring and protective. They can get inspiration from higher sources. They may have a tendency to be philosophical. They are sincere and principled.
They are able to overcome difficult situations. They are materialists and they do everything to make money. They long for recognition. They are smart and ambitious. They have organizational skills and strong will. They like to experiment.
They have clear opinions and they always want to be right. They do not like to boast about their property, wealth, power, success and social status. They care about what others say about them. They want to know everything about their partner. They should avoid criticizing others; they should try to understand them instead.

Weaknesses, what should be learned
These people are hasty, nutty, irritable and touchy. They suffer from inner conflicts and tension. They have a restless mind and a tendency to be melodramatic. Imbalance of energy leads to health problems. They are jealous. Their life is full of dramatic changes. Unbalanced energy interferes with every relationship and marriage. Sometimes they are spiteful and vicious. They may be rude and cruel. Watch out for Karma, mainly in the field of recognition. Beware of prejudice, authoritarianism and aggression. They are cynical and they have a sceptical approach towards life.
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