Birthday Number - 7th - Experience

Character, possibilities
These people have the ability to listen to their inner voice. They are sensitive and perceptive. They need a partner in their life. They often have opinions of spiritual nature; they have interest in the environment and medicine. They often becomes an activist.
They like helping others. They believe in themselves, in nature, in others, and in life. They face challenges very often and these challenges are the driving force of their personal growth. They are able to analyse situations very well. They choose their wording carefully. They are kind, social, romantic, artistic and sentimental. They are good speakers. They are friendly, nice and attractive for the opposite sex.
They want to try everything themselves and they do not take advice or warning from those who have already experienced the situation. They cannot stand fools, hypocrites and dishonesty. They like secrets. They do not follow advice blindly and avoid "what would happen if" thoughts. They need to let things take their natural course and stop slowing them down.

Weaknesses, what should be learned
These people are reckless, anxious, and too extravagant. They are often naive when it comes to their relationships because they do not see their partner realistically. They have a tendency for drug and alcohol addiction. They like to use intrigues that may lead to the destruction of other people. They are restless and distraught. They like to use other people. They do not forgive. They change their opinions very often. They unnecessarily waste their energy and time. They realise their plans without thinking about them thoroughly. They have no respect for the work of others. They have agonising feelings. They are oblivious of other people´s feelings.
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