Birthday Number - 22nd - Endurance

Character, possibilities
These people are sensitive and kind. That is why they need their partner's support. They are practical and thorough. They have methodological and organisational abilities. They easily make practical decisions.
At work they are efficient and accurate. They are particularly successful in politics. They long for the realisation of their dreams. Their home and financial security of their family play an important role. They are responsible and reliable. They like responsibility and harmony. Routine activities suit them. They are caring and generous.
They tend to accumulate material wealth that prevail over feelings. They need security. Sometimes they are not able to accept gifts. They may become workaholics. They hate emotional confrontation.

Weaknesses, what should be learned
These people are tough and stubborn. Beware of marriage problems. Sometimes they have a sense of injustice. Watch out for emotional outbursts. They worry about their ability to secure the basic needs. They have a lack of self-confidence. They are manipulative. They are unfair, irritable and cruel. They do not care about the needs of other people. They are vulnerable.
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