Birthday Number - 16th - Directness

Character, possibilities
These people have a clear opinion on what is right and wrong in life. They fight intolerance. They are very observant. They have a sense of harmony. They are tender and sweet. They try to get along with others and understand their needs.
They are able to do everything for a long time. They like to have an independent partner. They have a healing ability and they are inclined to have a spiritual life. They are even able to heal themselves. They see purpose of life in helping others. They may have a tendency to have so-called prophetic dreams. They are compassionate and they are good listeners. They are ambitious, social and responsible. They have a strong personality and they use intuition to achieve their goals. They have a good analytical thinking.
They hate dogmatists. They want to try everything. Sometimes they are too fixed on their family or relatives. They have exhibitionist tendencies. They need to appreciate what they have. They should spend more time with their partner. Sometimes they live in illusions.

Weaknesses, what should be learned
These people do not like rules and restrictions. They suffer from uncertainty and mental tension. Beware of intrigues. They are cautious and worried about losing their status. It is hard for them to accept failure. Their life can be full of ups and downs. They are full of themselves and as a consequence they lose a notion of reality. They are not assertive. They are hypersensitive and they may be lazy. Beware of anger, emotional imbalance, and attempts to interfere in other people´s lives. They are cold and calculating. They tend to provoke others. They are not willing to consider other people´s opinions.
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