Birthday Number - 6th - Harmony

Character, possibilities
These people need love and warmth of home. They do everything to achieve harmony. They seek a partner for the whole life. They are kind, sensitive, considerate, and ingenuous. They love their family and other people. They live ordinary married life.
These people need to make time for themselves and for others. They have good relationships with their parents, children and friends. They have many friends. They like to feel that they belong somewhere and that they have their place somewhere. They are fair and perceptive. They are gentle and they have a pleasant and warm voice. They are romantic and devoted. They consider sex as a natural part of relationship that makes the relationship complete. They like luxury and beauty, and they have an artistic talent. Team work is important to them. They like to be in a company of beautiful people. They are the so called home type.
They are secretive. They may have a problem to find a partner or they look for reasons for breaking up with their partner. They are naive. They have a lack of self-confidence. In order to maintain harmony in their romantic relationship they may lose their dignity.

Weaknesses, what should be learned
These people tend to be lazy. They are always unnecessarily in a rush. They are full of emotions. They seek revenge. They have a tendency for drug and alcohol addiction. Extramarital affairs are stressful and dangerous for them. They are only interested in satisfying their own needs. They demand gifts in return for a favour, for example at work. They are selfish and may harass others. Beware of obsession.
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