Birthday Number - 5th - Perception

Character, possibilities
These people are open, daring, energetic and principled. They like to be their own boss. They are perceptive. They like progress and need space for their activities. They like changes and nothing is fixed for them. They have almost magnetic influence on people, they are charming.
They are warm, cheerful and quick-witted. They are willing to take risks. They think logically and they are articulate. They like communicating with others. They are always in a hurry and they like to travel. They look after their appearance and health. They like success. They like being appreciated. They are interested in novel things and about how they work. They are curious. They know what they want. They do not like if somebody tells them what to do. They often move from one thing to another. They are shallow. They need to be more patient. They should avoid boredom.

Weaknesses, what should be learned
These people are neurotic and withdrawn, moody and irritable. They are quarrelsome. Some of them become cheaters and liars. They become vulgar and irritable when they get angry. They force their opinions on others. They are tense and easily stressed. They are unstable. Beware of deceitful relationships.
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