Birthday Number - 19th - Participation

Character, possibilities
These people are very strong and energetic. They are wise, understanding and empathetic. They are intellectual. They are patient and ready to please others. In romantic relationships they are devoted. They want to understand their partner and are generous. They passionately protect their family.
They are appreciated, honoured, successful and rich. They usually have a well-paid job. In a way, they are pioneers in their field. They are inventive, creative, straight-forward and vital in achieving their goals. They like to have a high social status, so they work hard to achieve it. They believe in themselves. They are pleasant and confident.
They are independent, sometimes even loners. It is not good when someone ignores them, abuses them or disappoints them. They cling to their opinions and high demands.

Weaknesses, what should be learned
These people are unbalanced and moody. It's hard to understand them. They may feel superior and they like to feel exceptional. They are stubborn, explosive, bossy, nervous, neurotic, jealous and unreasonable. They may be fawning, especially when they try to impress somebody important. Watch out for hatred and self-pity. They are determined to reach their goals. They like to criticise others. They lack self-confidence.
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