Birthday Number - 25th - Modesty

Character, possibilities
These people are modest and humble. They are sensitive and kind. They need a sensitive partner in their life. They are creative and entertaining. They are artistic. They have good imagination and talent.
They may get wealthy through marriage. They like communicating, even through media, for example computer. They are good listeners. They are intuitive, social and attractive. They have a good logical and analytical thinking. They are practical and patient. They have a sense for detail. They can make good use of opportunities.

Weaknesses, what should be learned
These people need peace and they should try to adapt. They should avoid confusion in life. Sometimes their reactions are unpredictable. They want to try everything. They like to postpone things that need to be addressed without delay. They are emotional and indecisive. They cannot deal with stressful situations related to their love life. They often have a difficult childhood. They are moody, distracted, unstable, unclear and ambiguous. Beware of anger. Sometimes they're afraid of change. They often worry. They can be very dependent on another person. They only think of themselves. They are hypersensitive, irritable and their feelings are often hurt.
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