Birthday Number - 23rd - Autonomy

Character, possibilities
These people make decisions without help and cannot be influenced. They live their own life. Sometimes they seem to want freedom, but in reality they need a partner. They are sensitive, gentle, loving and they want to be loved. They are understanding, quick-witted and social.
They are hardworking and they usually do not have work related problems. They are good entrepreneurs. They are witty and intelligent. They are popular and sometimes even famous. Exceptional abilities may appear. They long for realising their ideas. They are sincere, open, practical and expressive. They are reflective and have a good memory.
These people are self-sufficient and they want freedom. Sometimes they are childish. They tend to be messy. They do not reveal their true feelings. They are daydreamers. They need to avoid exhaustion.

Weaknesses, what should be learned
These people are sometimes hard to understand. They have a tricky personality. It's hard to deal with them when things do not go as they wish. If they fail to maintain balance, they will live without love, except the love for their property. They are cold, selfish, moody, insensitive and hot-tempered. They shy away from responsibilities. They are easily distracted and unstable. They like to exaggerate or even lie. They often move from one relationship to another.
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